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Create animated, interactive content for the modern web.

Check out these examples of projects made with Edge Animate, and learn how they were made by downloading and experimenting with the sample files. You can also find sample templates to help you get started with your first Edge Animate project. You'll be an expert in no time!

Adobe Edge Animate Showcase: Edge and The Modern Web

Edge and The Modern Web

Learn how Edge Tools & Services can help you and your team tackle animation, coding, responsive design and testing projects for the modern web. This sample features a number of powerful effects using the Edge Commons extensions library, making it an in-depth experience and expanding the possibilities of storytelling with Edge Animate. Created by Simon Widjaja, founder of

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Adobe Edge Animate Showcase: Interactive Marquee

Interactive Marquee

Add a new look to your virtual wardrobe with this sample, tailored for online stores. This practical example gives you a basic starting point to making your own interactive marquee. Created by Simon Widjaja, founder of

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Adobe Edge Animate Showcase: Two Birds of a Responsive Feather

Two Birds of a Responsive Feather

Watch these birds soar through the sky with realistic effects, using a sprite sheet and the new motion paths feature in Edge Animate. A parallax effect was added for additional depth. Other features used for effects are CSS filters (depth of field), an animated gradient, and integration with the Edge Web Fonts service. The entire project is also responsive to different screen sizes since it's using a percentage-based layout.

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Adobe Edge Animate Showcase: Floral Match Maker

Floral Match Maker

Give your brain a little exercise with this dynamically generated and randomized game. Hover over the banner to expose the game board and match each flower to its mate. This Edge Animate sample depends on the parent page to determine the size of the stage. In addition to a scalable stage, it features dynamic symbols, fonts from the Edge Web Fonts service, some code, and timeline choreography. Best of all, it leverages one transparent PNG for the entire project.

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Reusable Templates

Content Rotator
Create your own interactive image gallery that features smooth transitions.
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Article Browser
Customize this four-article browser with your own content and images.
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Tabbed Viewer
Add tabbed content with fluid animation to your site with this easily configurable navigator.
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