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Preview & inspect web designs on devices.

What is Edge Inspect?

Edge Inspect is an application for web developers and designers who are working on mobile web projects. Edge Inspect enables you to work more efficiently by providing synchronous browsing, remote inspection and the ability to take screenshots of your mobile web content from connected devices.

Who should use Edge Inspect?

Web developers and designers struggling with how to preview mobile web content. Edge Inspect enables you to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining the preview and inspection of websites for mobile devices. It also allows you to easily pair multiple smartphones and tablets with your computer and customize designs for different form-factors in real time.

Is Edge Inspect a part of the Creative Cloud?

Yes, Edge Inspect is available as part of Creative Cloud free and complete memberships. Edge Inspect is a standalone software application that works independent of other tools. You will need Google Chrome and the Edge Inspect application, and you will need to download the Edge Inspect client/s from the iTunes Store and the Android Market. Edge Inspect can be used in conjunction with any integrated development environment (IDE) or text editor to fit into nearly any mobile web development workflow.

How does Edge Inspect differ from emulators and simulators for reviewing web mobile content?

Edge Inspect is not an emulator or simulator; it works on your computer and remotely controls actual devices. Edge Inspect does not suffer from problems that can be common to some emulators and simulators. Edge Inspect is designed to work using remote control, and in particular, to allow to you debug web pages directly on a mobile phone or tablet device.

I am having problems with Edge Inspect, how do I get help?

Visit the Edge Inspect Community forum. If you need one-on-one help, contact Adobe Customer Service.

Can I use Edge Inspect with virtual hosts?

Yes, with additional software. Read the Edge Inspect Team blog articles to learn how to use Edge Inspect with virtual hosts.

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