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Adobe Edge Reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow CC (Preview)

Design the responsive web.

Edge Reflow Feature: Form elements

New: Form elements

Add submit buttons, drop-downs, radio buttons and checkboxes to your design and place them as you would like to.

Edge Reflow Feature: Style states

New: Style states

Want to style how a section appears when a user hovers over it? You can now design various states of your composition such as hover, active and focus.

Edge Reflow Feature: Links

New: Multipages with links

Link across multiple pages within your Reflow project or any external website to create navigation or click through your design prototype.

Edge Reflow Feature: CSS layout

New: Web layout

An all new layout engine, provides the predictability of web layout with the freedom of an Adobe design tool. Drag and drop objects to change the layout order using the newer caret option.

Edge Reflow Feature: Visual media-query breakpoints

Visual media-query breakpoints

Place media-query breakpoints wherever needed to customize your designs for different screen sizes.

Edge Reflow Feature: Text styling


Incorporate beautiful typography into your project by using Edge Web Fonts and Typekit. Leverage inline-text styles to make changes to text blocks and view those adjustments instantly.

HTML Elements & Interactivity

Fluid customizable grid system

Use a flexible grid system to adjust any media query breakpoint in order to change the column count and gutter width.

Edge Reflow Feature: Asset management

Asset management

Efficiently manage your content in a new Assets panel that helps improve your workflow.

Edge Reflow Feature: Styling


Wow your client by layering colors, gradients, images, and drop shadows in your design. Use the improved color picker to precisely customize your border styles.

Edge Reflow Feature: Import from Photoshop

Import from Photoshop

Start your designs in Photoshop and design the responsive experience in Reflow. Learn more about how you can use Photoshop Generator to quickly create assets for responsive design.

Edge Reflow Feature: Previewing


Preview designs in your browser or—through integration with Edge Inspect—on devices.

Edge Reflow Feature: Sharing


Easily extract CSS from your project to share with others or for further development in Edge Code, Dreamweaver, or another code editor of your choice.

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