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We want you to have greater control over the graphics that give your content power.

Create beautiful compositions with blend modes

Blend modes are common in graphic design, but until now they could only be achieved on the web through static images. With blend modes in browsers, you can get these same effects easily without creating pre-rendered images. Discover how to combine this capability with animation and responsive design techniques to create beautiful and engaging compositions.

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Apply rich native textures on dynamic content

With custom filters, you can manipulate the color and shape of any HTML or SVG element. Create visual intrigue and focus by using smooth animations that take full advantage of the greater display processing power of today’s computers.

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We want you to lay out your web pages any way you desire, without constraints.

Flowing content through multiple containers

With Regions, you can use CSS properties to flow content into existing styled containers, specifying any container order you choose, regardless of their position on the page. Create visually stunning responsive layouts for mobile and desktop content today.

Now supported in Safari 6.1+ and iOS7 Safari. Learn More

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Go beyond rectangles

Text wrapping on the web has always meant wrapping around boxes of content. With Shapes, you can wrap text outside or inside any shape by using just a few simple CSS properties.

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The web is the foundation for your next-generation applications. We want to help make it the best it can be.

Access native device functions through JavaScript

Apache Cordova is a set of device APIs that lets you access native device functions such as the camera or accelerometer from JavaScript. This allows your smartphone app to be developed with just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Apps that use Cordova are packaged as apps using the platform SDKs, and thus can still be made available for installation from the standard device app stores.

We are actively working on deprecating Apache Cordova APIs to defer to the HTML APIs defined within W3C – and we are contributing to these efforts. We are already implementing DeviceOrientation Event, Media Capture API, and more.

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Community & Testing

We support and promote community efforts that help advance the web through better documentation and testing.

Contribute to

We work with W3C, to make the single resource for Open Web standards. Join us in documentation sprints and help others learn how to use web technologies correctly.

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Write tests

We want to make it easier for anyone to write tests for Web specifications. And we want to make testing an essential part of all Open Web standards. Join us at Test the Web Forward, where you can learn how to write tests for web standards.

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Learn how we’re solving real-world problems with some of our experimental work we've done with some of the best digital agencies and media partners in the business.

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