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Custom Filters

Cinematic effects for the web.

With custom filters, you can manipulate the color and shape of any HTML or SVG element. Create visual intrigue and focus by using smooth animations that take full advantage of the greater display processing power of today’s computers.

Use CSS custom filters to twist, wave, curl, and color your content in any way you like to create effects such as flipping pages, curling corners, paper textures, curtain effects, a magnifying glass, or anything else you can express in a shading language.

For current browser implementation status, check out our CSS Custom Filters browser support matrix.




Got a comment to make on the Filter Effects 1.0 W3C Editor's Draft? Just use the FX Task Force mailing list on the W3C website. Please use the identifier "[css-filters]" in the subject of your email. Or, let us know on Twitter, @adobeweb.