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We work with standards bodies to advance technologies that let you create ever-more compelling experiences for the web.

Adobe Web Platform Showcase

Before Adobe’s Web Platform team begins working on a new web standard — whether it’s contributing to a specification or actually implementing a feature — we take time to really understand the specific problems we’re trying to solve. One way we do this is by building cutting-edge experiences that intentionally push the edges of the web.

In order to make sure we’re solving real-world problems, we work with some of the best digital agencies and media partners in the business. The Adobe Web Platform Showcase lists some of these experiments. Watch the videos below to learn more about each project, or if you don’t mind enabling cutting-edge graphical and layout features in your browser, go check them out for yourself.

Cupcakes! with Food Network

Ubiquitous connectivity and the proliferation of devices has made the delivery of content like recipes seamless and instantaneous. But now Adobe and Food Network are making it beautiful, interactive, and fun. Cupcakes! combines gorgeous artwork with modern CSS standards, motion control, and voice recognition to demonstrate how the web will change the way we work (and play) in the kitchen.

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Technologies used: Canvas Blend Modes CSS Transforms clipping and masking CSS Regions CSS Shapes Leap Motion Controller Web Speech API

Alice in Wonderland

With all the rich and interactive technologies now available on the modern web, it’s important to remember that content is still king. Adobe teams up with the French design agency Ultranoir to prototype an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland which is highly immersive while still maintaining an emphasis on the original text.

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Technologies used: CSS Regions CSS Shapes

Forest Giant with National Geographic

The internet has made information instantly available to almost anyone on the planet; the next step is to make it beautiful. Using content provided by National Geographic, Adobe explores the future of digital layout.

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Technologies used: CSS Regions CSS Shapes Balanced Text WebGL

Orphan Elephant with National Geographic

Hand-producing long-form journalism can yield stunning results, but it can also dramatically slow down the publication process. Using content provided by National Geographic, Adobe experiments with techniques for making engaging experiences both easily repeatable and highly responsive.

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Technologies used: CSS Regions Viewport Units